Timeline - Shoreline Plan
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Shoreline Plan Overview

Phase 1: Project Assessment + Collaborative Process Design (January – April 2016)


  1. Stakeholder Assessment + Initial Convening (Click here to review the Stakeholder Assessment)
  2. Convene Shoreline Steering Committee
  3. Convene a Joint Fact-Finding Committee
  4. Develop a Web Site and Public Engagement Plan

Phase 2: Collect + Establish Baseline Data through Joint Fact-Finding + Develop Policy Proposals (May – June 2017)


  1. Joint Fact Finding Committee inventories existing information and gain agreement on baseline
  2. Steering Committee develops policy options and concepts to be included in draft Plan and Code and Environmental Review
  3. Shoreline Workshop Series provides input
  4. TRPA provides feedback to Regional Plan Implementation Committee (RPIC)

Phase 3: Environmental Review Process (July 2017 – December 2018)


  1. Environmental analysis of plan alternatives
  2. Public comments and feedback on environmental documents
  3. Adoption of policies and code